Banned In SAV

by Josh Taft

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released September 17, 2014

Music by Joshua Taft
Recording by Jak Kerley



all rights reserved


Josh Taft Savannah, Georgia

Folk-punk rock boy doing travelling things around and around all the towns

Most of these songs wouldn't be songs without someone making a bad decision

Enjoy and never forget to pet friendly dogs
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Track Name: The Dichotomy of a Picture of a Bath Tub
I just drove through a hurricane and it made me think of you
All the bottles and the rooftops and the things that we went through
And now I'm back in Georgia to scared to see my friends
'Cause the road I'm on, the road I'm on, is a road that never ends

One day I'll move to Portland, One day I'll move to France
One day I'll go back to San Francisco and give peace another chance
One day I wont feel guilty for how I live my life
And I'll sing and draw with a backpack on and a little travellin' wife

You should have seen my garden it was the talk of all the town
The bushes all grew hardback books with the most clever lines around
The trees all sang Gorillaz songs and spoke in poetry
It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen 'till it was burned by the FCC

Do you remember back in my room, how hot that it would get?
And we'd hang outside my windowsill and smoke our cigarettes
You said you'd always love me with your eyes so full of glow
But when I saw your smile with your new boyfriend I'm glad you let me go

I met a friend in Portland, whose name that I can't say
He never got his citizenship, not in the USA
The cops would always come around and give us all abuse
He never gave an inch to those fucking pigs, so what is your excuse?
Track Name: Haight Street Love Song
Take off his head take off his head the sun and moon both want him dead oh where’s the beer oh where’s the beer get that hippie out of here I hate my mom I hate my dad sitting back in my home town, I need your phone I need your phone is there a western union around?

skateboard! skateboard!

I hate my job I hate my girl I drink on Castro til I hurl oh where’s the bar oh where’s the bar give me the keys back to my car. No im not drunk no im not drunk, hey little girl you wanna fuck? Dirty kids all on the street can kick my ass and lick my feet, my dad worked hard for my degree you think you deserve money?

skateboard! skateboard!

Punk rock is my favorite fashion, safety pinning is my passion, everything is just a prank, look I even have a skank; where’s the show? where’s the show? Let’s go mosh with all the bros, look at my new thigh tattoo. Anarchy makes me cooler than you, my back patch makes me cooler than you and I have more friends on Facebook too, all the shows in town are mine; a movement hung on a clothing line.

SKATE-BOARD! SKATE-BOARD! Knifeknifeknifeknifeknifeknifeknifeknifeknifeknifeknifeknifeknifeknifeknife
Track Name: Arcata
Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me
If you live inside my songs how can I be so lonely
its four in the morning and i'm on the mountain face
its five in the morning and i am in my place
i suck on burning paper tubes all night and all day
its six in the morning and i'm pretty far away
its seven in the morning and i'm out of cigarettes
i climb down the mountain face on a money burning quest
i find an ancient red wood trunk fifty miles wide
i climb the bark with the rising sun to see what is inside
a stop sign and a spider and a city made of glass
and the spider has a headband and it says that he kicks ass
he says "Taft you need to follow me this is not a game, put your existential loneliness inside a paper plane
climb and climb and climb and climb right up the tallest tree and throw your paper airplanes every direction you can see
be happy and write music and learn how to cook
and when you get back to the city find me on facebook"
so i did what he said and i did what i did, and i never saw a sunrise without coming to a skid
i wish i had my lady and i wish that it was you
but now you're just a ghost again and that will have to do
i'm in another coffee shop and that will have to do
i wish i had more books to read but i guess i have a few

they say when you're on a journey to fill your mind to the brim, the universe around you will bend to your whim
when i first saw that my face burst out into smiles
and the airplanes that i threw all flew for many miles
and the airplanes that i threw all flew for many miles
and the airplanes that i threw all flew for many miles
Track Name: Ode to the Shopping Cart Buggy
My morals are crumbling like dead skin, chipped paint;
I'm crossdressing my need for actions with restraint
I'll just take a little little little push over the edge
or chop some cops heads teach politicians respect
in '62, Y2K, 2013 we all got scared from a dead world with no meaning
But we still got a world full of angry men with their finger on the stop so

So here's an ode to all, an ode to all,
as the shopping carts rolled, we began to fall
and here's and ode, here's an ode to the curtains
'cuz we don't gotta burn all of them to make the man start hurting

And I don't know, I don't know what to do
How's a shitty little dirty boy supposed to stop us all from getting screwed, man?
I'm just trying to do my best to keep the world going
Trying to start start a world of new ideas; community, sustainability, a world a world without fears
But I'm just a kid with a guitar and some top so

And all this world, all this world is for me
I'm the main character and you're the side story
But that's true, that's true for you too!
I'm just the boy on the corner, blowing smoke at you
I might look a little scary with my stupid damn tattoos
But you got a story that I want to hear from you,
We all got a story of life, love, greed and trust,
and that's something no one can ever take from us
Except for an ear, or a paper on a table-top so